Benefits of Bioidentical Hormones

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help women and men in the Pacific Heights and Nob Hill San Francisco areas to overcome many of the challenges that are associated with hormonal imbalances. Hormones are important chemical messengers that signal the body to carry out particular functions, and factors such as stress, aging, environmental factors, poor nutrition, excessive processed food, and a lack of exercise can cause hormones to fall out of balance.

Benefits of Bioidentical Hormones  For Women

Bioidentical hormones can help women of all ages that are suffering with hormonal imbalances. Usually, hormonal imbalances occur with aging, during perimenopause and menopause, and this can cause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, weight gain, low libido, thinning bones, and vaginal dryness to occur.

However, women can also experience issues during their reproductive years that sprout from hormonal imbalances, such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, increased PMS symptoms, infertility, and painful periods. The changes in hormone levels can cause many unpleasant symptoms to appear; however, bioidentical hormones can relieve many of the symptoms that occur with hormone deficiencies.

Benefits of Bioidentical Hormones for Men

Around the age of 30, testosterone levels for a man begin to reduce, and by 40 to 50, men experience a significant decline. This decline in hormonal function is known as Andropause, or male menopause, which can cause symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, low libido, hair loss, muscle atrophy, fatigue, mood swings, thinning bones, and weight gain.

Hormones affect several bodily functions and an imbalance can interfere with daily living and the quality the life. By supplementing hormones, the symptoms of Andropause can be greatly reduced.

Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can include:

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Balanced moods
You no longer experience feelings of hostility, anxiety, or depression that you can’t explain. Your emotions are on a much more even keel.

Increased sex drive
Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy increases the libido of both genders to what it was before they started suffering the effects of hormone loss.

More regular sleep patterns
Hormone imbalance affects the hypothalamus, the area of the brain that regulates sleep. Restoring that balance helps decrease insomnia and gets you back to a more predictable pattern of sleep.

Fat loss and improved muscle mass
Low levels of estrogen makes it hard to lose body fat while low testosterone levels have a negative effect on muscle tone. Replacing these hormones helps to eliminate both problems.